If you’d like your wedding cake to be exquisite, full of character and melt-in-the-mouth delicious you’ve come to the right place! Even if you have no idea what you’d like, or time to research what’s possible; I can work from the skimpiest brief to create an enchanting centrepiece that will be as unique as your wedding day. [link to design process]


To have played a part in redefining the celebration cake landscape with buttercream cake design, is something I’m hugely proud of. For years I enjoyed making cakes while working as a freelance business and law journalist, and raising a family of three boys, but never quite loved them enough to pursue cake making as a job. Fondant dominated the cake industry at the time and just found my novelty creations too cartoony to take seriously. And the fondant tasted awful. Then I discovered buttercream [link to buttercream page] and very quickly became obsessed with its versatility, character and taste. My first attempt at a basket filled with piped flowers in super-sweet American buttercream was garishly bright and crude but it took my breath away. Then I learned how to (sort of) achieve a stained glass finish, transfer techniques, embroidery and tapestry piping. After painstaking weeks and months of deranged practice I started to develop my own style, and more recently, a delicious Italian meringue buttercream recipe that is stable to work with, silkily smooth and tastes fabulous.


Demand for buttercream wedding cakes really exploded around two years ago. I’ve now designed and made over 150 buttercream wedding cakes, delivering to prestigious, historic and maverick venues all over the country. Every cake is absolutely unique and takes me on a thrilling journey; my clients are all hugely individual, most with a clear focus on how their wedding day should look and be enjoyed by their guests, and I have to exceed their expectations with a show-stopping buttercream cake that reflects their style, complements their venue and flowers and tastes fabulous. It’s a privilege to play a key role in such an important day, and with cakes regularly featured in the national and wedding press, to produce a mediocre design is never an option. Every cake takes over my life completely, from the moment it comes out of the oven to the second I’ve delivered it safely to a venue.


Meanwhile, buttercream was becoming more popular as a finish for wedding cakes, helped no doubt by the beautiful buttercream wedding cake dressed with fresh peonies created for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by Violet Bakes. But also by a small but growing number of influential cake designers all over the world, who work exclusively with buttercream.