National Wedding Show

We weren't sure about this tbh, all the publicity around the show and its marketing seemed a bit mainstream. not that the cakes are super alternative, but we just thought it may be a bit Cadbury’s purple chaircovers etc. And it was pretty much, but we had a brilliant response from visitors and came away with hundreds of emails.

Buttercream wedding cakes displayed at the National Wedding Show 2019 by Emma Page Buttercream Cakes London

We had a great position, just inside the entrance, and the cakes really stood out against the distressed canvas backdrop that we painted in the garden the previous weekend. The old sideboard that I bought on Facebook Marketplace for £80 and painted (badly) with chalk paint also looked way better than i had imagined.

Unfortunately the backdrop fell down a couple of times, which was a huge pain, but nobody was really looking up at the ugly reems of gaffer tape that evolved into a huge sticky mess by the end of the second day.

The offer of a free dummy tier (still available if you sign up for the newsletter) was snapped up by lots of couples who seemed genuinely blown away by the cakes. We had some amazing feedback and have already taken several orders from visitors who have been in touch since.


People are always so surprised by how versatile buttercream is. The sculpture cake particularly turned heads.


We handed out 300 decorated mini cupcakes and 500 business cards over the weekend. Packing up was hard work without a trolley - promised Anna and Miranda who helped that I would invest in one for the next show, as carrying a very heavy sideboard through two exhibition halls was very hard work.

Emma Page