Top it off!

With rustic buttercream cakes on trend, couples are returning to toppers as a fun and personal way of dressing their centrepiece. Let's be clear, we're NOT talking about those little clay cartoon figures that wouldn't look out of place in a Playmobil fire engine. Toppers now include tiny balloons, witty glitter exclamations, light bulbs and gold dinosaurs. A couple I made a cake for recently had a 3d printout of themselves made to top their wedding cake. It was around £200. Not everybody's taste but a fantastic and spookily detailed keepsake.


This is a favourite . Little foil balloons add humour and glitz: perfect if you've got gold accents in your theme, and way more affordable than adding edible gold leaf to the cake itself.

Pretty tassel toppers (look on Etsy) will bring a range of colours together to enliven a rustic cake, with or without flowers. Mix metallics and pastels when thinking about styling a marquee with pom poms and fringes and duplicate the effect in miniature on your cake.

Bang on trend, this an urban geometric heart is handmade and featured on the-little-wedding-corner, a German wedding blog. Pinterest is choc-a-block with ideas and tutorials for wire decorations and accessories; any of them can be scaled down with florist or craft wire. Perfect for a winter or candlelit celebration, and a grown-up take on introducing metallics. Don't like the fondant triangles though.


For a neo-industrial look, how about these quirky lightbulbs, found on Brilliant foil to the blowsy anemonies and peonies arranged around them.

Mirabel Photography

Mirabel Photography

If you fancy a bit of script, make it witty and unique, rather than Mr and Mrs whatever. 'Light of my Life' works well here because of the irony but would seem a bit lame without the lightbulbs.

I quite like 'Finally' here, but it's a bit hackneyed now. As a guide I'd avoid any topper on Etsy that comes up as most popular. Make up your own if you can. Maybe a fragment of a song or something.

Why not make your own? Or ask your cake maker to. We all love a challenge and sometimes it's fun to make stuff that doesn't generate washing up. This simple heart would look perfect topping a rustic buttercream cake. It's rustic but delicate, and the tiny leaves of the evergreen thyme won't wilt. Your florist could do this for you if a family member is making your cake. The thyme could be repeated in sprigs between the tiers to bring the design together.

Something fun that could be made in advance: plastic dinosaurs sprayed with gold Plasticote and dressed in their wedding finery: perfect for a pair of archeologists! These two are from Etsy but it's an easy DIY. Have a look at my Pinterest board for other ideas

Emma Page